Saxophonist, Dave Koz

Many people’s favorite saxophonist, Dave Koz!

He is one of the most famous modern saxophonists along with Kenny G. His amazing musicianship during live performances draw all the audiences’ attentions. I have seen him live only once and it was one of the most amazing instrumental concert I have seen. He is funny and witty. He works with his audience during his concert and it makes it that much more interesting.

Besides his concerts, he is involved in various organizations and events with his music. He is an ambassador of Starlight Children’s Foundation, an organization that helps families with ill children.
Besides his concerts, he is a host of a cruise, Dave Koz Cruise,where number of musicians come together and have concerts on the cruise!! This is probably one of the coolest events out there. Because the artists are staying in the cruise with you, you will see them on the way to the deck, swimming pool, or even your room!

Dave Koz is famous for his music that’s heavily influenced by R&B and soul. His playing style is smooth and tender. You will find even his grooves are very smooth and flawless. It’s perfect music for your relaxing time and reading.

Here are few songs from Dave Koz:


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