School has started!

It’s been awhile since I posted. I apologize for my laziness. If I may give some excuses, there were some complications with setting up internet and phone.
Japan is really a strange yet special place. As they describe themselves as “island” people, they have very different mindset and thoughts.
One of the major differences I have notice was how strict and harsh on rules.
Wherever we go, there were no exceptions. Also, there are a lot of restrictions for foreigners as well. Since I have never been a foreigner in my life, I didn’t realize how complicated and frustrating it was.
Anyways, my room is almost set (still waiting for desk, fridge and washer). Besides that problem, I’m just trying to get used to school and Japanese all together. The good news is that everyone is so friendly here and actually enjoy talking with foreigners.
I’m hoping to visit some parts of the city I’m in this weekend. Then I will be able to post some good photos. Unfortunately, all the cherry blossom ha d faded already but I will post some ocean view instead.
More to come! 🙂


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