Behold the “Dragon King” Ramen




So there is a ramen shop close to my apartment. It’s called “龍王.” It’s small shop. My friends and I went there to celebrate our first week in Japan. As you know Japan is the central hub for ramen. Although the ramen is orignally from China.

There were many varieties but out of all I thought “how can I go wrong with the ramen with the shop name on it?” and the price was high (oops… lol). Anyways, in Japan there are few soup bases you can choose from to start with: Miso-based, soy-based, and salt-based, broth-base. These vary depending on the shop. Also, you can choose what kind of meat goes on top. In general they are chashu: this slice of pork but there are others as well.

Anyways this is what I got:


Startand… 10 min later…

AftermathThe ramen was great. It was little bit pricy though (900円). Overall, it was great and delicious but only thing was it was little bit salty. I think Japanese foods are usually a little salty due to the culture. Anyhow, I would give this ramen 7/10.




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