Stage 1 Finish


Good lord it’s been months since I posted something.

A lot has happened since I started school but I was always being too lazy to post something…

The biggest news of all is that I joined a sports club, which is Handball. I have never played handball in my life but I decided to do it. I was looking for lacrosse originally but our school didn’t have one and there were football too but I wanted to try something I have never played. If I could may be I will join next year to football team too lol.

The only problem with the handball is that my injury on my shoulder from the high school lacrosse is taking it’s toll. If I use my shoulder too aggressively it starts to hurt. I need to figure out a way to through a ball with less stress on my shoulder.

Another thing is I really like the friends I have made here too. They are all very nice and accepted us, international students very quickly into their circle. I enjoy hanging out with various groups of friends. They all have their own characteristics. I was told that Japanese students tend to form a group and you CAN’T be in multiple group of friends but that doesn’t seem to be case. Of course, naturally there are groups of friends formed no matter where you go. This is true in Korea and US too as far as my experience goes. As I am a single child in the family I naturally enjoy having more friends around me and they become my family. So I would like to continue to have wide group of friends because that’s who I am.

Finally, this is promise to myself: I will continue to post more and more, even small things. I will probably post some more right after this one. There are so many things to explore and be discovered. So I will push my bounds even further and post more for more information about Japan that I find.


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