First Final Finished!!


Finally I’m back from my final and school club, which is handball (I will talk about that later more). Unfortunately, I’m not very satisfied with my performance at the exam… It’s frustrating enough to memorize so much Japanese but it’s worse when you can’t solve a problem because you see knew Chinese character and don’t know how to read and don’t understand the question… There is nothing I can do more about it. I just need to push forward and study more so that same thing won’t happen…

Anyways, I have a break until next Monday which is 2 stage of 5 stage semester at this school. So I will take this opportunity to travel a bit around my area. I think I will try to look around Yokosuka which is pretty close to me.

i nee..d. to … find. place…… n..o..w…. tomor..row.. morning…


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