JLPT2 taken, Stage 2 Finished, new thoughts

It’s been awhile since I wrote yet again… I have been very disappointed and angry at myself for various reasons…
Today was the last day of the exams and the previous weekend was JLPT N2. It’s been a rough weekend/week.
First thing first, the JLPT N2. I have to say, I was absolutely not ready for that thing. I took it last Saturday. It was huge event. Thousands of people came to take the test at the Meiji University Ikuda campus. It was only N2 exam but it was like whole school was filled with exam takers. Anyways, after being in Japan for 3 months, I was getting some confidence about my Japanese and that test totally destroyed it. Of course, I have not really been good about studying because I have joined a sports team and practice tests I took showed me promising scores… However, I was completely overwhelmed by it… So this JLPT was one of the shocks…
And if that wasn’t enough, right after my JLPT, I had school’s final. This stage was the first time when we actually had “real” courses like basic biology, physics and math. As weird as our school system is it’s only 5 ~ 6 weeks per semester and yet we manage to cover quite a bit of stuff. So needless to say, I have been yet again overwhelmed by the amount of work I needed to do. I stayed up all night but I quickly realized it was not enough. Since all the lectures proceed so quickly, I needed to study and make sure to know my stuff everyday or at least weekly basis. Few of the tests were ok but my physics were so weak that I may need to take retake exam, which will affect with my plan to visit US. Also, another thing that really pissed me off was that I got few questions wrong because I couldn’t understand the question. After asking my friends, I knew the answers to them but because I couldn’t read the few Chinese characters, I was unable to comprehend the question… THIS stuff cannot happen AGAIN.
So, the bottom line is that I have learned my lesson not to slack off because it will not work on this school system. Also, I MUST MUST improve my Japanese skill far far more. I’m going to take this summer as an opportunity to push myself to improve my Japanese skill. Of course I’m going to visit my friends in US and all (hopefully) but I will still study so I can make a difference in Stage 3, which begins in September…
Anyways, I will continue to put up some photos and information about Japan as often as I can since I’m on my vacation.
Sorry for fuming…


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