Anker M3 External Battery

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So I purchased a Anker M3 external battery along with my laptop fan, as my laptop was overheating and started to melt keys…

This was very cheap for it’s capacity and had good reviews on Japanese Amazon. It was only about $30 with capacity of 13,000mAh, which is enough capacity to charge Ipad mini twice!!

I looked up some review videos on youtube and decided to purchase since I was going to start blogging and wanted to be able to charge my already dying cellphone time to time.

The package is very clean and neat. The product is simple and it comes with a case if you want. Also, another cool thing is that it came with power cord!! It has two outputs labeled “Android” and “Apple.” Not sure what the differences are but may be it’s the output amps. Anyways, I have charged my iPad mini with this when it was down to 10% and it took about 4~5 hours to fully charge.

It has pretty blue light to indicate approximate amount of batter left. Also, aside of just being a batter, it has LED to be used in case of emergencies.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with my purchased. The only problem is how long will the cycle last?? lol

As for charging the external batter itself took about 6 hours with power cord it came with.


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