Yokohama(横浜) Adventure Part 1

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Finally, after being super lazy in the morning(…), I got my fat butt out of bed and decided to go to Yokohama, which is about 40 minutes with train. It was not the brightest day but it was not so hot that I died of dehydration. Also, since I left early afternoon, I didn’t have much time to look around a lot of places but I walked quite a bit and enjoyed the new sites I have never seen. So here we go!

First stop for me was Chinatown:


Apparently, this is one of the 4 China town in Japan and the biggest one of them all, which I can believe. I was having trouble navigating through this place because it’s not just straight street but also, all the small ally had shops and restaurants you can see. There were lots of tourists, Japanese and non-Japanese, as well even though it was weekday.

CAM00201 CAM00202 CAM00204 CAM00203This was my first time traveling and trying to take a pictures to share with others like this so I missed few shots that could explain better but there was main streets and small allies like branches. So you can the shops lined up all the way through. Also, interesting thing was many shops had “fortune telling” along with the shop. (lol) Anyways, the shop of the last picture had cute jewelries. When I go next time I will take some pictures of the things in there. The price varied from 800~4000 yen.

Next, since it was lunch time I got hungry. So I got myself some treat.

CAM00206 CAM00207

First one was big meat bun. It was 300 yen and was as big as my palm. As the name indicates, basic Chinese meat bun. To me it was more like dumpling stuffing in a bun (if that makes any sense). So I devoured that thing in a minute and I was still hungry….
CAM00208CAM00210CAM00211So I got this: Mochi Chimaki, which is sticky rice cooked in bamboo leave with meat. This one had shrimps and one giant piece of meat. Can you see the pork piece in there??

So after basic touring around China town I walked toward the port. As you can see it in the slide show, there are a lot of European and American influence in the shops and restaurants. I noticed they are mostly European and Hawaiian shops, which I thought was interesting, even though I can see why it happened.

It was short trip because I was being a lazy bum…. Next time I got I will try to make more effective informative trip.  😦

Until then… other updates will come~


Curry Festival

This is also little late but last weekend there was Curry Festival by the Navy Base.  The festival extended from next to my school to the near by beach park where a navy ship is in display.  Until the main area the shops were all for shaved ice, takoyaki(octopus ball), yakisoda(stir fried noodle), and other souvenir. It was an event where people can participate by voting the best tasting curry but the only thing is you had to buy them…

I have been to other tasting festivals in the U.S. and I thought that was executed a lot better than this. The reason is that in the U.S. you pay a set price as an entrance fee and you can eat everything for free but the drinks. However, here I couldn’t do that. Also, it was regular size meal so there was no way you can eat and compare the taste of different curries.

Anyways, it was pretty cool. There were other entertainments and shops as well. It seems the even occurs every year. May be I will try one or two next year.

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