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Ttukppokki(떡볶이) – spicy rice cake

Ttukppokki is famous Korean fastfood. When you visit Korea, you can often see them sold in the street along with fried dumplings, and seafood cake soup.

Often looks like this:

Street Stores

Left top is ttukppokki

It’s a big part of Korean culture. It’s fast, convenient and cheap. People often stop by these temporary food store and eat a quick meal/ snack or sometimes have a drink with friends late at night.

There are numbers of variations you can make with this dish. For example, you can add ramen noodle, or add fried dumplings and sauté them. Also, there are non-spicy version of this, in which the sauce is made from the black bean paste (I will post this recipe later).

To begin, here are lists of ingredients (feel free to add or remove any):

~ 2 cups of rice cake, choice of vegetable (e.g. cabage, onion, scallion, etc)

For the sauce: 3 tbsn of Red pepper paste, 1 tbsn of soy sauce, 2 tbsn of honey, 1 tbsn of sugar(or sweetener), 1/2 tbsn of garlic

* try little of the sauce and feel free to change ingredients

Now the process:

1. boil 2 1/2 cups of water

2. the sauce and stir it well.

3. add rice cake and other desired ingredients

** when you are using frozen rice cake, unthaw it in the water.

4. let it boil and stir until the soup gets thick.

5. serve it on the plate and enjoy the delicious spiciness! 😉

It should look something like this.

If you like spicy food and chewy texture, this is definitely MUST try  Korean dish.

I hope you will enjoy it.

Bulgogi – korean teriyaki meat

Bulgogi is one of the most well known Korean dishes besides kimchi (spicy cabbage).

It’s basically a marinated meat and the meat can be either pork or beef. It came from marinating meat to preserve the meat and cook them on bamboo stick.

Anyhow, there are number of different meats that can be used:

Beef: chunk, rump, sirloin

Pork: shoulder loin


Here are ingredients you would need:

choice of meat, soy sauce, sesame oil, menaced garlic,  sugar(or sweetener), choice of vegetable (e.g. onion, carrot, brocoli, scallion).

Basic Ratio of sauce (600g = ~ 20 oz):

7 Tbsp (soy sauce) : 3Tbsp (sugar) : 2 Tbsp (sesame oil) : 2Tbsp (garlic)

* try the sauce with your finger and add more spices you desire

** tip: if you would like it go all natural, you can add grind apple(1/2)



1. Wash in a flowing water a little to get rid of blood and drain it or smudge it with       paper towel (this gets rid of the smell).

2. Marinate the meat in the prepared sauce for an least an hour. (you can add vegetable if you would like)

3. Preheat the pan high with olive oil and quickly cook it (Don’t cook it until it’s brown like a steak because it becomes rubbery)

4. Serve it on the plate and enjoy it with white rice~ 🙂

**Also you can marinate a ton and store it in the fridge. It’s usually good for a week or two.