First Final Finished!!


Finally I’m back from my final and school club, which is handball (I will talk about that later more). Unfortunately, I’m not very satisfied with my performance at the exam… It’s frustrating enough to memorize so much Japanese but it’s worse when you can’t solve a problem because you see knew Chinese character and don’t know how to read and don’t understand the question… There is nothing I can do more about it. I just need to push forward and study more so that same thing won’t happen…

Anyways, I have a break until next Monday which is 2 stage of 5 stage semester at this school. So I will take this opportunity to travel a bit around my area. I think I will try to look around Yokosuka which is pretty close to me.

i nee..d. to … find. place…… n..o..w…. tomor..row.. morning…


soooooo tiredddd



Life-Love-Quotes-Tired-Just-TiredOk it’s 5:45 am exactly as I’m writing this. I just got back from “new student welcoming party,” which lasted 12 hours…

Of course it involved drinking and we moved 4 different places and unfortunately I didn’t really get to eat. we drank most of the time. To make things worse, I have finals tomorrow, where as all the 2nd to 6th years are done with finals as of yesterday. Now I gotta study my butt off without being able to sleep much. I’m sure I won’t be able to sleep tonight as well…

We shall see… I hope I do well on exam so I can go on travel over a week of break… If there is new photos next week, I have survived safely.

Wish me luck!


Curry Festival

This is also little late but last weekend there was Curry Festival by the Navy Base.  The festival extended from next to my school to the near by beach park where a navy ship is in display.  Until the main area the shops were all for shaved ice, takoyaki(octopus ball), yakisoda(stir fried noodle), and other souvenir. It was an event where people can participate by voting the best tasting curry but the only thing is you had to buy them…

I have been to other tasting festivals in the U.S. and I thought that was executed a lot better than this. The reason is that in the U.S. you pay a set price as an entrance fee and you can eat everything for free but the drinks. However, here I couldn’t do that. Also, it was regular size meal so there was no way you can eat and compare the taste of different curries.

Anyways, it was pretty cool. There were other entertainments and shops as well. It seems the even occurs every year. May be I will try one or two next year.

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Behold the “Dragon King” Ramen




So there is a ramen shop close to my apartment. It’s called “龍王.” It’s small shop. My friends and I went there to celebrate our first week in Japan. As you know Japan is the central hub for ramen. Although the ramen is orignally from China.

There were many varieties but out of all I thought “how can I go wrong with the ramen with the shop name on it?” and the price was high (oops… lol). Anyways, in Japan there are few soup bases you can choose from to start with: Miso-based, soy-based, and salt-based, broth-base. These vary depending on the shop. Also, you can choose what kind of meat goes on top. In general they are chashu: this slice of pork but there are others as well.

Anyways this is what I got:


Startand… 10 min later…

AftermathThe ramen was great. It was little bit pricy though (900円). Overall, it was great and delicious but only thing was it was little bit salty. I think Japanese foods are usually a little salty due to the culture. Anyhow, I would give this ramen 7/10.



Stage 1 Finish


Good lord it’s been months since I posted something.

A lot has happened since I started school but I was always being too lazy to post something…

The biggest news of all is that I joined a sports club, which is Handball. I have never played handball in my life but I decided to do it. I was looking for lacrosse originally but our school didn’t have one and there were football too but I wanted to try something I have never played. If I could may be I will join next year to football team too lol.

The only problem with the handball is that my injury on my shoulder from the high school lacrosse is taking it’s toll. If I use my shoulder too aggressively it starts to hurt. I need to figure out a way to through a ball with less stress on my shoulder.

Another thing is I really like the friends I have made here too. They are all very nice and accepted us, international students very quickly into their circle. I enjoy hanging out with various groups of friends. They all have their own characteristics. I was told that Japanese students tend to form a group and you CAN’T be in multiple group of friends but that doesn’t seem to be case. Of course, naturally there are groups of friends formed no matter where you go. This is true in Korea and US too as far as my experience goes. As I am a single child in the family I naturally enjoy having more friends around me and they become my family. So I would like to continue to have wide group of friends because that’s who I am.

Finally, this is promise to myself: I will continue to post more and more, even small things. I will probably post some more right after this one. There are so many things to explore and be discovered. So I will push my bounds even further and post more for more information about Japan that I find.

School has started!

It’s been awhile since I posted. I apologize for my laziness. If I may give some excuses, there were some complications with setting up internet and phone.
Japan is really a strange yet special place. As they describe themselves as “island” people, they have very different mindset and thoughts.
One of the major differences I have notice was how strict and harsh on rules.
Wherever we go, there were no exceptions. Also, there are a lot of restrictions for foreigners as well. Since I have never been a foreigner in my life, I didn’t realize how complicated and frustrating it was.
Anyways, my room is almost set (still waiting for desk, fridge and washer). Besides that problem, I’m just trying to get used to school and Japanese all together. The good news is that everyone is so friendly here and actually enjoy talking with foreigners.
I’m hoping to visit some parts of the city I’m in this weekend. Then I will be able to post some good photos. Unfortunately, all the cherry blossom ha d faded already but I will post some ocean view instead.
More to come! 🙂

5 days left…

It’s been a while since my last post. It’s been stressful and tough last few weeks, realizing that I have not gotten to the level of my satisfaction. Although it was expected, it is still frustrating to see that I am not even in the level of middle school students. It got me worried that I may not be able to catch up to work but then I remembered the time when I first went to U.S. after my middle school. I was a kid who couldn’t even spell my name in England hence speaking to other students. I took me while to get used to but I started to make friends and learned English very quickly. This time, I had time to prepare at least for a little and my mindset is different than before. I hope I can make friends and learn from them quickly. 

I am expecting at least year of tough life adjusting and learning cultures. I’m very excited but also scared and nervous if I will be able to make it through.

I think I’m going to write more when I go to Japan since I will be going to school and everything will be new for me.

Unfortunately, things about Korea will have to wait until my vacation times.