On my way back to Japan

I’m on my way back to Japan. It’s very weird mix of feelings. All those things I have enjoyed and did are no more. I have missed the life in US, what I can do and what I did to, I have missed my friends in US who have been my family, what and how I did things with them. So much memory is lingering in my head, pulling to the wrong direction of regret. I have not felt regret when I left for Japan back in Febuary. I felt happy that I will be ble to become a dentist and learn Japanese. Through two semesters I have met many friends and learned a lot about Japanese culture. When I decided to visit the states, it was to refresh myself and get recharged to tackle next upcoming semesters because it will get harder to take time to travel because you get busy with school materials. However, seeing my friends and doing things that I always did for last 10 years made me feel still surreal about me being in Japan and hearing things about hat had happened while I was absent gave me small feeling of regret. What would have happened if I didn’t leave? Would I have gotten into dental school? What if not? Also, as my girlfriend(I guess she’s an ex girlfriend now…) visited, would I be still together strong with her… All those happiness, joy, and love I have had came to drag me down. My parents are not very happy about me visiting US because they very well  know that I have strong attachment to the state, even more than Korea. It’s not that I hate Korea but I’m more comfortable in the US. The freedom and choices you get in the state weighs over my love for Korea.
Anyways, I can’t stop here. I know I have to continue on and accomplish my goal to become a dentist. I’m going to stay busy. Keep myself occupied in various ways, not wasting time as much as possible. There are friends and family who are cheering for me and supporting me. I have one month left before next semester starts back up. I gotta try to stay focused. That was the main reason for breaking up with my gf who thankfully understands where I came from and encouraged me on instead of cursing me to death. I’m thankful and I hope she does the same thing to strive herself to reach her goals she has in mind.
There are few pictures I took while I was visiting Atlanta and things I missed.
Many thanks and much love to the people who took their time out to see me and huge apologies to those I couldn’t meet due to time constraints or distance. I miss and love you all. 
Thank you so much for being in my life. You all are what keeps me going.