Preparing to join amateur Japanese Lacrosse team

So I’m going to be joining club Japanese Lacrosse team in Tokyo. I was hoping to play more Lacrosse in the U.S. but after college there was not a good chance for me to play. And now that I’m in Japan as a student again, I think this will be a good chance for me to get back into it.

So while I was visiting I decided to bring all my gears back. Since my gears are little outdated, I decided to trade them for some newer gear and this is one of them.

Warrior Burn x. Then, I came across East Coast Mesh, which is very different from traditional hard mesh.

Since it’s raining outside, I couldn’t actually try it out yet, this was the end result of it. I will need to adjust shooting strings after trying out few times but this is going to be what I will be using soon. 😀

As for the East Coast Mesh, it’s little bit softer than traditional hard mesh because it uses different formula of waxing. It feels like candle wax and particles do fall when you touch the mesh and you get it on your hand… I should have taken a picture of the mesh more closely but may be I will do that when I string my second head.

I’m very excited to test out the new head with new mesh!

2014-08-10 09.05.34


2014-08-10 13.11.24

2014-08-10 13.11.35

2014-08-10 13.51.31