Anker M3 External Battery

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So I purchased a Anker M3 external battery along with my laptop fan, as my laptop was overheating and started to melt keys…

This was very cheap for it’s capacity and had good reviews on Japanese Amazon. It was only about $30 with capacity of 13,000mAh, which is enough capacity to charge Ipad mini twice!!

I looked up some review videos on youtube and decided to purchase since I was going to start blogging and wanted to be able to charge my already dying cellphone time to time.

The package is very clean and neat. The product is simple and it comes with a case if you want. Also, another cool thing is that it came with power cord!! It has two outputs labeled “Android” and “Apple.” Not sure what the differences are but may be it’s the output amps. Anyways, I have charged my iPad mini with this when it was down to 10% and it took about 4~5 hours to fully charge.

It has pretty blue light to indicate approximate amount of batter left. Also, aside of just being a batter, it has LED to be used in case of emergencies.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with my purchased. The only problem is how long will the cycle last?? lol

As for charging the external batter itself took about 6 hours with power cord it came with.


Preparing to join amateur Japanese Lacrosse team

So I’m going to be joining club Japanese Lacrosse team in Tokyo. I was hoping to play more Lacrosse in the U.S. but after college there was not a good chance for me to play. And now that I’m in Japan as a student again, I think this will be a good chance for me to get back into it.

So while I was visiting I decided to bring all my gears back. Since my gears are little outdated, I decided to trade them for some newer gear and this is one of them.

Warrior Burn x. Then, I came across East Coast Mesh, which is very different from traditional hard mesh.

Since it’s raining outside, I couldn’t actually try it out yet, this was the end result of it. I will need to adjust shooting strings after trying out few times but this is going to be what I will be using soon. 😀

As for the East Coast Mesh, it’s little bit softer than traditional hard mesh because it uses different formula of waxing. It feels like candle wax and particles do fall when you touch the mesh and you get it on your hand… I should have taken a picture of the mesh more closely but may be I will do that when I string my second head.

I’m very excited to test out the new head with new mesh!

2014-08-10 09.05.34


2014-08-10 13.11.24

2014-08-10 13.11.35

2014-08-10 13.51.31


On my way back to Japan

I’m on my way back to Japan. It’s very weird mix of feelings. All those things I have enjoyed and did are no more. I have missed the life in US, what I can do and what I did to, I have missed my friends in US who have been my family, what and how I did things with them. So much memory is lingering in my head, pulling to the wrong direction of regret. I have not felt regret when I left for Japan back in Febuary. I felt happy that I will be ble to become a dentist and learn Japanese. Through two semesters I have met many friends and learned a lot about Japanese culture. When I decided to visit the states, it was to refresh myself and get recharged to tackle next upcoming semesters because it will get harder to take time to travel because you get busy with school materials. However, seeing my friends and doing things that I always did for last 10 years made me feel still surreal about me being in Japan and hearing things about hat had happened while I was absent gave me small feeling of regret. What would have happened if I didn’t leave? Would I have gotten into dental school? What if not? Also, as my girlfriend(I guess she’s an ex girlfriend now…) visited, would I be still together strong with her… All those happiness, joy, and love I have had came to drag me down. My parents are not very happy about me visiting US because they very well  know that I have strong attachment to the state, even more than Korea. It’s not that I hate Korea but I’m more comfortable in the US. The freedom and choices you get in the state weighs over my love for Korea.
Anyways, I can’t stop here. I know I have to continue on and accomplish my goal to become a dentist. I’m going to stay busy. Keep myself occupied in various ways, not wasting time as much as possible. There are friends and family who are cheering for me and supporting me. I have one month left before next semester starts back up. I gotta try to stay focused. That was the main reason for breaking up with my gf who thankfully understands where I came from and encouraged me on instead of cursing me to death. I’m thankful and I hope she does the same thing to strive herself to reach her goals she has in mind.
There are few pictures I took while I was visiting Atlanta and things I missed.
Many thanks and much love to the people who took their time out to see me and huge apologies to those I couldn’t meet due to time constraints or distance. I miss and love you all. 
Thank you so much for being in my life. You all are what keeps me going. 



JLPT2 taken, Stage 2 Finished, new thoughts

It’s been awhile since I wrote yet again… I have been very disappointed and angry at myself for various reasons…
Today was the last day of the exams and the previous weekend was JLPT N2. It’s been a rough weekend/week.
First thing first, the JLPT N2. I have to say, I was absolutely not ready for that thing. I took it last Saturday. It was huge event. Thousands of people came to take the test at the Meiji University Ikuda campus. It was only N2 exam but it was like whole school was filled with exam takers. Anyways, after being in Japan for 3 months, I was getting some confidence about my Japanese and that test totally destroyed it. Of course, I have not really been good about studying because I have joined a sports team and practice tests I took showed me promising scores… However, I was completely overwhelmed by it… So this JLPT was one of the shocks…
And if that wasn’t enough, right after my JLPT, I had school’s final. This stage was the first time when we actually had “real” courses like basic biology, physics and math. As weird as our school system is it’s only 5 ~ 6 weeks per semester and yet we manage to cover quite a bit of stuff. So needless to say, I have been yet again overwhelmed by the amount of work I needed to do. I stayed up all night but I quickly realized it was not enough. Since all the lectures proceed so quickly, I needed to study and make sure to know my stuff everyday or at least weekly basis. Few of the tests were ok but my physics were so weak that I may need to take retake exam, which will affect with my plan to visit US. Also, another thing that really pissed me off was that I got few questions wrong because I couldn’t understand the question. After asking my friends, I knew the answers to them but because I couldn’t read the few Chinese characters, I was unable to comprehend the question… THIS stuff cannot happen AGAIN.
So, the bottom line is that I have learned my lesson not to slack off because it will not work on this school system. Also, I MUST MUST improve my Japanese skill far far more. I’m going to take this summer as an opportunity to push myself to improve my Japanese skill. Of course I’m going to visit my friends in US and all (hopefully) but I will still study so I can make a difference in Stage 3, which begins in September…
Anyways, I will continue to put up some photos and information about Japan as often as I can since I’m on my vacation.
Sorry for fuming…

Finally back


I have been pretty lazy about putting up something lately…

I gotta say, my motivation hasn’t been in the highest lately. Everyday feels the same and don’t I’m starting to feel depressed time to time. 

My JLPT exam is only 2 weeks away and I am still not comfortable about the test… for the time being the best thing I can do it to memorize as many chinese characters as possible and review some grammars… 

I have had few things that happened I can put so I will get that going.

Hopefully after visiting my friends back in US I will recover a bit from this…

Be back real soon!

Yokohama(横浜) Adventure Part 1

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Finally, after being super lazy in the morning(…), I got my fat butt out of bed and decided to go to Yokohama, which is about 40 minutes with train. It was not the brightest day but it was not so hot that I died of dehydration. Also, since I left early afternoon, I didn’t have much time to look around a lot of places but I walked quite a bit and enjoyed the new sites I have never seen. So here we go!

First stop for me was Chinatown:


Apparently, this is one of the 4 China town in Japan and the biggest one of them all, which I can believe. I was having trouble navigating through this place because it’s not just straight street but also, all the small ally had shops and restaurants you can see. There were lots of tourists, Japanese and non-Japanese, as well even though it was weekday.

CAM00201 CAM00202 CAM00204 CAM00203This was my first time traveling and trying to take a pictures to share with others like this so I missed few shots that could explain better but there was main streets and small allies like branches. So you can the shops lined up all the way through. Also, interesting thing was many shops had “fortune telling” along with the shop. (lol) Anyways, the shop of the last picture had cute jewelries. When I go next time I will take some pictures of the things in there. The price varied from 800~4000 yen.

Next, since it was lunch time I got hungry. So I got myself some treat.

CAM00206 CAM00207

First one was big meat bun. It was 300 yen and was as big as my palm. As the name indicates, basic Chinese meat bun. To me it was more like dumpling stuffing in a bun (if that makes any sense). So I devoured that thing in a minute and I was still hungry….
CAM00208CAM00210CAM00211So I got this: Mochi Chimaki, which is sticky rice cooked in bamboo leave with meat. This one had shrimps and one giant piece of meat. Can you see the pork piece in there??

So after basic touring around China town I walked toward the port. As you can see it in the slide show, there are a lot of European and American influence in the shops and restaurants. I noticed they are mostly European and Hawaiian shops, which I thought was interesting, even though I can see why it happened.

It was short trip because I was being a lazy bum…. Next time I got I will try to make more effective informative trip.  😦

Until then… other updates will come~